The Web Development course is designed to help students develop professional websites/portals. This course will help students understand how the web engine works. Through this course, students will be made comfortable with Javascript for both Frontend as well as backend use-cases.

Our course is a project-based web development Full Stack course with backend in NodeJS. In this course, students will start building their website from scratch and will need to think like professional developers. Students will be aligned with a mentor who will guide them while they work on web development projects. Our FullStack Web Development course enables students to go live with their websites and add flair to their resumes.

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Web Design

A website with great functionality must be complemented by top notch User Experience and a neat Responsive User Interface. Our course covers building both common and upcoming UI/UX patterns in Bootstrap and how to get started with frontend frameworks like Ember and Vue.

Real Time Web Apps

Socket.IO is a Javascript library for real-time applications. You'll learn how to enable real-time communication between web clients and servers to build some awesome chat systems and multiplayer games.


You will learn how to use both relational and non-relational databases with MySQL and MongoDB. We also cover Sequelize which makes the database query writing process a little easier!


You'll learn how to implement a Login System as well as Authentication using social logins using Passport.JS.

Our Online courses are an exact replica of our Classroom programs. Once a student completes their course, we provide them access to the Online course as well to make sure they can revise at their will. Each Online course comes with Mentor support Hands on coding assignments, exclusive access to our online IDE, Hackerblocks & Doubt resolution;

Course Contents


Lectures 1-2

The building blocks of web pages - HTML and CSS. Learn how to use the latest HTML5 web development technologies along with CSS3 stylesheets to create responsive eye-catching web sites. We also cover UI design patterns like:

  • Table Layouts
  • Flex Boxes
  • Bootstrap Columns
  • Media Queries and Mobile Responsive Design
  • Grids


Lecture: 3-10

HTML and CSS brings the content and design together, while Javascript is at the heart of all action. Learn to act on events like 'clicks', 'hovers' and 'drag and drop'. Javascript is one of the most powerful and ubiquitious languages in modern software development and our course covers it in depth including:

  • ECMAScript 6 Syntax and Standards
  • Function Closures and IIFEs
  • Classes, Constructors and Prototypes
  • Lexical Scopes, Arrow Functions and Variable spreading


Lecture 11-12

Before we move on to backend development, we will briefly touch upon usage of Unix based systems. More than 80% of the world's servers are hosted on Linux machines, and any web backend developer is expected to know basic DevOps and SysAdmin skills in order to manage a Linux OS. Also - Git, which is the most commonly used version control system - is one of the most helpful tools for working on large projects or in collaborative environments

  • Unix and SysAdmin/Devops
  • Schema Designing
  • Git


Lecture 12-16

Javascript is not just only on the frontend, but a potent force on the server too. Built by Ryan Dahl in 2009 as a platform to run JS code on bare metal, NodeJS is currently the fastest growing ecosystem. We will cover:

  • NodeJS Modules
  • Filesystem API, Events and Streams
  • ExpressJS Framework for creating REST APIs
  • Handlebars for server side web rendering
  • Socket.IO for realtime communication


Lectures 17-18

What is a server if it cannot store data on databases. We will cover storing data in:

  • Flat files on server
  • MySQL
  • Using ORMs like Sequelize
  • MongoDB

Advanced Topics & Deployment

Lectures 19-25

Finally, we will cover adding basic security to websites including user authentication and authorization, SSL transport, checking for SQL injection and other vulnerabilities. We will also cover how to deploy your server to commonly used infrastructure providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or DigitalOcean

  • Security
  • Scaling
  • Using Frontend Templates
  • 3rd Party Libraries and Frameworks
  • Deploying a live web project
Regular Batch

(20-22 lectures)

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Arnav Gupta
Arnav Gupta
Founding Member
Arnav Gupta
Arnav Gupta
Founding Member

Arnav Gupta, also popular as @ChampionSwimmer, is an acclaimed Android developer and two timer GSoC-er. He has presented at large conferences like JSFOO, DroidCon, FOSSASIA and OSDConf. He has also worked with Sony, Micromax, Cyanogen and the likes. Arnav has also active contributed int the development of Android OS, Linux Kernel and will also be mentoring students in GSoC’17.

Aayush Arora
Aayush Arora
Aayush Arora
Aayush Arora

Always ready for a Chess match and a cup of coffee, Aayush is a team member and an active contributor in Open Source organizations like CloudCV, FOSSASIA and Open Design. He is an avid web developer and will also be mentoring students in Google Summer of Code 2017.


(Drop a line at admissions@codingblocks.com if you have further queries)

  • How much knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms do I need to take this course?

    You need to have good command of data structures like Stacks, Queues and Lists. Also a basic idea of algorithms like sorting, searching, string manupulations. Also it is imperative to have good concepts of Object Oriented Programming

  • Do you have a test for admission into this course ?

    We have a simple test covering OOP concepts, basic Data structures and array/string manipulation which you will need to take while registering for our fullstack web development course.

  • Will there by any projects ?

    Definitely. No course in web development is complete without projects, and we focus a lot on working on live projects and practical topics. We start with small projects like TodoList Managers and go up to creating e-Commerce websites.

What our students say

  • elixir
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Web Development Course Review:

    I would recommend this course to all the college students if they are in a dilemma that what career should they pursue in future. Aayush sir would make this course so much interesting and knowledgeful that u won't regret joining the course if u r serious during the course.

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Web Development Course Review:

    If anyone out there wants to delve into the world of web development then this is the right course for him/her. I would just say if you are planning to get into web development then just go for this course.

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Web Development Course Review:

    The course was pretty well structured. Learning to code at coding blocks is amazing because of the task given by the mentor. If you have done all the task by yourself then you are good to go to face the real world with you skills.

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