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Master Data Structures and Algorithms in C++. Crack Coding Interviews

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This uniquely designed Live course covering advanced topics of Data Structures & Algorithms by Coding Blocks is a complete package for all the budding programmers who aspire to gain expertise in Data Structures and Algorithms or are appearing for their internship/placement interviews. The course is designed to provide ample amount of practice questions based on Sorting, Searching, Greedy Algorithms, Divide and Conquer Algorithms etc. The course provides a firm base for students to excel in all their programming interviews by building an efficient approach to finding optimized solutions.


  • Extensive Data Structure & Algorithmic Coverage
  • Comfort of Home
  • Guidance by Industry-expert Mentors
  • Two-way Interactive Sessions
  • Recorded Videos after Live Lectures
  • Handwritten Mentor Notes
  • Immediate Doubt Resolution during Lectures


Anyone and everyone with prior experience in C++ is all set!

Lecture Schedule

Tue, Wed, Sat and Sun
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Lecture 01
Basics of Recursion
Lecture 02
Question Practise Session
Lecture 03
Recursion Problem Solving
Lecture 04
Recursion Backtracking
Lecture 05
Advance Recursion Problem Solving
Lecture 06
Question Practise Session
Lecture 07
Dynamic Memory Allocation & OOPs - 1
Lecture 08
OOPs - 2
Lecture 09
Space and Time Complexity
Lecture 10
Divide and Conquer
Lecture 11
Linked List 1
Lecture 12
Linked List 2
Lecture 13
Question Practise Session
Lecture 14
Binary Trees - 1
Lecture 15
Binary Trees - 2
Lecture 16
Binary Search Trees
Lecture 17
Question Practise Session
Lecture 18
Priority Queue/ Heap
Lecture 19
Hashmaps Implementation
Lecture 20
1D - Dynamic Programming
Lecture 21
Question Practise Session
Lecture 22
2D Dynamic Programming
Lecture 23
Dynamic Programming, Problem Solving
Lecture 24
Graphs - 1
Lecture 25
Question Practise Session
Lecture 26
Graphs - 2
Lecture 27
Graphs & Basics of Tries
Lecture 28
Interview Questions using Tries
Lecture 29
Question Practise Session
Lecture 30
Starting with Leetcode
Lecture 31
Leetcode Problem Solving
Lecture 32
How to start with Codeforces
Lecture 33
Interview preparation and Competitive Programming sessions
Lecture 34
Tips on building resumes, Profile Building and Future Career Guidance
About Mentors

Opportunities unlocked for learner
Budding programmers will be equipped with expertise in Data Structures and Algorithms.Excel all your programming interviews by developing an efficient approach to find optimized solutions.Get well-versed with Advanced Topics like OOP(s), Complexity Analysis, etc. for Interviews.Become an expert in problem solving by practicing questions based on Sorting, Searching, Greedy Algorithms, Divide and Conquer Algorithms etc.Get placed at companies like Amazon, Google, Uber etc.
Hands on Projects and Problems:
Build real-world applications like Tic Tac Toe, Sudoku, Tower of Hanoi.N-Queen & N-Kings Solve using Bitmasking.Splitwise Cash Flow using a Graph Algorithm
Why choose CB Live:
Two-Way Interaction: Share screen with your mentor for any doubt resolution 24*7.Placement Support: From Interview recommendations to placement, we are there for you at every step.Get into Bigwigs: Our expert will help you crack interviews for Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook.
This course is essential for you:
Someone who loves solving real world problems and wants to create a solution.

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